Discover the intricacies of heavy haulage with Braun Transport. In Australia, heavy haulage encompasses any truck carrying loads over 4.5 tonnes of gross vehicle mass (GVM). This article dives into the world of heavy haulage, providing insights into its nuances, applications, and the industries that rely on this specialized service.


What Sets Heavy Haulage Apart?

What is heavy haulage, and how does it differ from regular hauling? The key distinction lies in the weight being transported. Any combined truck and load exceeding 4.5 tonnes in Australia falls into the realm of heavy haulage. These substantial loads demand specialized equipment such as low loaders, platform trailers, and extendable decks. Safety takes precedence in heavy hauling, requiring expertise and care from highly trained drivers to ensure seamless transport, playing a pivotal role in Australia’s supply chain and infrastructure.


Applications of Heavy Haulage:

Heavy haulage serves a variety of industries, facilitating the transportation of large and specialized equipment. From wind turbines and farm machinery to mining equipment and industrial components, heavy haulers play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of oversized loads.

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Industries Benefiting from Heavy Haulage Services:

1. Mining:
– Heavy hauling is indispensable in the mining industry, transporting massive amounts of equipment and raw materials swiftly and securely.

2. Agriculture:
– In agriculture, heavy haulage is vital for the efficient transport of specialized equipment and harvested crops, sustaining Australia’s food supply.

3. Aerospace:
– The aerospace industry relies on heavy haulage for transporting oversized and heavy parts crucial to the assembly and testing of airplanes and spacecraft.

4. Construction:
– Constantly utilizing heavy hauling, the construction industry relies on oversized equipment and materials for its operations.

5. Energy:
– Heavy haulage supports the energy industry by safely transporting large equipment like turbines, transformers, and generators to power plants and remote locations.

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Challenges and Solutions of Heavy Haulage:

Explore how heavy haulage can address common business challenges, including labor shortages, lack of appropriate equipment, operational costs, and the need for expanding operations. Outsourcing heavy hauling can ease operational strains, reduce costs, and support business growth.


Australia Wide Haulage:

At Braun Transport, we prioritise safety and customer satisfaction in providing heavy haulage solutions. Our experienced team specialises in transporting equipment across various industries, offering services such as mine site and remote location transport, east to west transport, and over-dimensional transport.

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