This trip is a 21 tonne excavator with attachments from Brisbane to Melbourne. 

Please note that this map image is intended for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon for precise directions or trip planning. It is meant to provide a general idea or guideline for reference purposes only.



An excavator is a heavy construction equipment that is used for digging, lifting, and moving large amounts of material such as soil, rocks, and debris. It typically has a long arm with a bucket or scoop attached to the end, which can be used to excavate and transport material from one location to another.

An excavator with attachment refers to an excavator that has additional attachments such as a hammer, grapple, or auger that can be mounted on the end of the arm. These attachments can be swapped out depending on the task at hand, making the excavator a versatile piece of equipment that can perform a wide range of functions.

For example, a hammer attachment can be used to break up concrete or rock, while a grapple attachment can be used to lift and move large logs or debris. An auger attachment can be used to drill holes for foundations or posts. The ability to switch out attachments makes the excavator with attachment a valuable tool for many different types of construction projects.

People in the construction industry often require machinery transport for excavators with attachments. This includes contractors, builders, and developers who need to move their excavators and attachments between job sites or to and from storage facilities.

In addition, farmers, landowners, and landscapers who use excavators with attachments for agricultural or landscaping purposes may also require machinery transport. They may need to move their excavators and attachments between different parts of their property or to and from storage when not in use.

Overall, anyone who uses an excavator with attachment and needs to move it from one location to another may require machinery transport services.