In the world of transportation, heavy haulage is a crucial component that demands precision, expertise, and a commitment to safety. Braun Transport stands as a beacon of reliability in the industry, proudly bearing the accreditation for Heavy Haulage, Mass, Maintenance, and Basic Fatigue Management under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS). Additionally, Braun Transport is WA Heavy Haulage Accredited, solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

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NHVAS Accreditation: A Mark of Quality


1. Mass Accreditation:

Braun Transport’s NHVAS Mass Accreditation ensures that the company complies with the legal requirements for vehicle mass limits. This accreditation is a testament to Braun’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in load management, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of heavy goods.


2. Maintenance Accreditation:

Under the NHVAS Maintenance Accreditation, Braun Transport upholds rigorous standards for vehicle maintenance. This accreditation ensures that all vehicles in the fleet undergo regular inspections and maintenance, minimizing the risk of breakdowns and ensuring the safety of both the cargo and the public.


3. Basic Fatigue Management:

Braun Transport recognizes the importance of managing driver fatigue to enhance safety on the roads. The NHVAS Basic Fatigue Management Accreditation showcases the company’s dedication to implementing effective fatigue management strategies, fostering a culture of responsibility among its drivers.

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WA Heavy Haulage Accreditation: Leading the Way


Braun Transport’s Heavy Haulage Accreditation in Western Australia is a reflection of the company’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the state’s stringent standards for heavy vehicle operations. This accreditation is a recognition of Braun’s ability to handle oversized and heavy loads with the utmost professionalism, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of goods.



Environmental and Safety Systems: A Holistic Approach


As part of Braun Transport’s NHVAS and WA Heavy Haulage accreditations, the company has implemented robust Environmental and Safety Systems. These systems are designed to minimize the environmental impact of heavy haulage operations while prioritizing the safety of personnel, other road users, and the cargo being transported.


1. Environmental Systems:

Braun Transport takes pride in its commitment to environmental sustainability. The implementation of environmentally friendly practices, such as fuel efficiency measures and waste reduction strategies, underscores the company’s dedication to minimizing its carbon footprint.


2. Safety Systems:

Safety is paramount in heavy haulage, and Braun Transport goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of its drivers, the public, and the cargo. Rigorous safety procedures, regular training programs, and the use of advanced safety technologies contribute to a culture of safety excellence within the organisation.

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In the world of heavy haulage, Braun Transport stands as a shining example of excellence. With NHVAS accreditation for Mass, Maintenance, and Basic Fatigue Management, coupled with the prestigious WA Heavy Haulage Accreditation, Braun Transport is a trusted partner for businesses requiring the safe and reliable transportation of heavy goods. The implementation of comprehensive Environmental and Safety Systems further underscores Braun’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Choose Braun Transport for heavy haulage that exceeds expectations – where accreditation meets expertise, and safety is non-negotiable.

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